REAL Trends Top 1000 Agents for 2016

Michelle Oliver Ranks Top 10 in REAL Trends 2016 top 1000 Agents

Congratulations to Michelle Oliver who qualified to be part of 2016 REAL Trends, The Thousand, as advertised in The Wall Street Journal. In an industry that has nearly 1 million people involved in residential real estate sales, REAL Trends nationally ranked the top 1000 agents in the country. With Michelle Oliver ranking in as number 10 of the top 50 Real Estate Professionals by Average Sales Price.

This is the 11th year REAL Trends has created the ranking of the top sales professionals in the United States in partnership with The Wall Street Journal. These superb professionals closed 159,589 sides and more than $72 billion in sales volume in 2015—a new record for sales volume for this group and a 9 percent increase from The Thousand last year. It is an incredible achievement that Michelle Oliver is honored to be apart of.